Earth Friendly Products:

Oregon Log Furniture understands that our environment is extremely important.  The truth is that when it comes to manufacturing furniture and garden products, wood is one of the best choices for health quality and environmental sustainability.

  • Wood does not emit toxins like petroleum based plastic.
  • Wood does not get hot or tarnish like metal furniture.
  • Wood naturally decomposes back into nature where it started.
  • Unlike metal, resin and plastic – wood looks great aged!


There is a vast difference between fine furniture, mass manufactured furniture and log furniture as it ages. All log furniture is subject to the natural process of "checking". Checking, or log cracking, happens as wood releases moisture, and normally occurs across, or through, the tree’s annual growth rings. It is the usual result of wood seasoning.

Checking occurs mainly on the surface of solid log wood. This natural process does not affect the structural performance or integrity of the wood. This only adds to the unique character and rustic appeal of each piece. Without a doubt, this individuality and relaxed personality is what makes log furniture so popular in home and garden decor. The degree of checking will vary from product to product and from log to log.


Purchasing from Oregon Log  Furniture is an excellent decision. Our products are guaranteed to perform free or manufacturing defects for 1 year after the date of purchase.

Your new log furniture will arrive in satisfactory condition, free of manufacturing defects.

  • Any problems with the delivery, such as shortages, quality problems or damages other than received in shipping must be reported within 14 days to 503-557-3144.
  • Concealed damage must be reported immediately upon receipt.


All sales are final.